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The value of amber

Fossil resin, which is millions of years old, is not just a beautiful stone that is used everywhere in jewelry. This stone has unusual properties - once it becomes your friend, it will always have a positive effect on you, protect you from external influences and heal you from diseases. That is why the value of amber is not in its artistic and decorative properties (although this is not unimportant), but in its medicinal and magical properties. And if you still do not believe that amber is able to cope with any disease and avert any disaster, then turn to history. Even Plato in 400-300 BC engaged in studying the properties of amber, and Pliny 400 years later and the Arab physician Avicenna asserted the medicinal properties of the gem. The history of healing with the help of this stone is several thousand years old, so why should we not believe in the miraculous power of amber. The unique amber products available on ukrburshtyn.com perfectly encapsulate the enchanting qualities of this precious fossil resin, offering a range of exquisite jewelry and decorative items for those seeking its remarkable benefits and allure.

Прикраси з бурштин

Ukrainian amber

Amber can be used both for artistic and decorative and jewelry purposes, and for industrial purposes. Stones for jewelry are divided into three degrees of transparency, but the color range covers all the colors of the rainbow and can have many shades. If you compare natural amber of different origins, you can easily see that the palette of shades of Ukrainian amber is truly phenomenal and reaches up to 250 shades. Stones of yellow-green color are characteristic exclusively for the Rivne deposit. Of all types of fossil resins, Rivne amber is considered the most valuable for jewelry.

In ancient times, white resin was valued. It was believed that it contains the least amount of impurities. Also, people believed that such amber is the most healing.

But modern medicine and science have proven that the healing properties of the amber stone do not depend on its colors and shades.

Therefore, all products have the magical properties of amber stone and improve well-being.

Amber jewelry

Experts claim that light, opaque, fine-porous pieces of resin have the highest decorative properties. Stones of other colors, shades and degrees of transparency are also successfully used to make jewelry. Amber is an amazing mineral! One piece of it can be not only several shades, but also several colors. Pieces of the same color are very rare. Also, amber is easy to process, and its various forms make it possible to create any products.

Thanks to the wide range of shades, amber has long been used for the manufacture of jewelry and decorative items. Necklaces are considered the most ancient and popular jewelry made of amber. Modern amber jewelry - pendants, brooches, bracelets, earrings. The harmony of the sunstone with gold and silver was embodied in jewelry, where the stone is set in one of these metals. In addition to jewelry, today you can find various souvenirs and decorative objects, such as candlesticks, lamps, clocks, caskets, paintings, figurines.