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Amulet or interior accessory - why do you need a gem bonsai?

Do you like to give friends, relatives, employees, and business partners original gifts? Do you want your home to be cozy, comfortable, and different from others? Are you passionate about exotic Eastern culture and customs? Collecting amazing artifacts? Or do you just like stylish, creative, and quality things? Our article will offer you amber souvenirs from yantar.ua web that will help fulfill any of these intentions!

Декоративное дерево из янтаря

Tiny flora - history and philosophy

Bonsai from amber Nature is an inexhaustible source of strength and inspiration. Contemplation of picturesque forest, river, steppe landscapes instills activity, cheerfulness and optimism in the soul, encourages new achievements, allows you to relax and calm down after a long day, organizes thoughts and drives away negative emotions. But it is quite difficult for a resident of a metropolis to allocate time for a full-fledged trip to a grove or park, an excursion to a nature reserve, a vacation near a lake or the sea. And one of the ways to deal with such a situation is to buy a bonsai, a tree that will easily fit into the design and will bring you exceptionally pleasant experiences!

The art of cultivating these miniature plants originated in the 4th millennium BC. in mainland China. There they were called "pentsai", which literally translates as "planted in a tray". It is said that the first such specimens were grown by order of the legendary emperor Huang Di. Having gathered the scattered tribes into a powerful state, he ordered a detailed three-dimensional map of his kingdom to be drawn up. Talented craftsmen carved mountains out of granite boulders, laid out streams where full-flowing rivers actually flowed, recreated streets and buildings in cities, and grew forests out of tiny trees.

Бонсай из янтаря

Gardeners used ordinary plants - ficuses, spruces, rhododendrons, azaleas - but grafted cuttings of other species to them, limited the space for roots, trimmed and pinched the crown, modeled the pattern of branches by entangling them with wire. This is how real living masterpieces emerged, which were used to decorate temples and palaces according to the changing seasons: for example, blooming apricots and cherries were relevant in spring, and maples with spectacularly reddened leaves in autumn.

In the VI century wandering monks taught this craft to the Japanese. It was in the Land of the Morning Sun that its authentic name was transformed into the more familiar "bonsai tree". The price for such creations became very high - they turned into entertainment for the rich and aristocrats. In addition, graceful plants were an integral attribute of Taoist, Shinto (a traditional religion where numerous local gods and spirits are worshiped) and Buddhist sanctuaries - caring for them contributed to alienation from momentary anxieties, nurtured patience, delicacy, foresight, and imagination. With proper care, seedlings lived for hundreds of years, embodying inner discipline and self-control, plasticity, resilience and foresight.

Whole schools of bonsai, with unique canons and techniques, gradually formed. Their general principle was: "See the big in the small", that is, to simulate the infinite diversity of the universe with the help of resources available to people. But the ways of achieving these goals were radically different. Some craftsmen tried to perfectly copy natural landscapes, while others formed amazing and fantastic compositions - "kengai" (when the top of the tree cascaded down far below the stump, like the smooth streams of a waterfall) or "sekidzeju" (roots entwined with bare stone, receiving nutrition from the outside, from owner). The sizes also varied: from 120 cm to an incredible 2.5 cm - such microscopic plants were called "kesi-tsubu", "poppy seed".

дерево бонсай

However, regardless of the height, the Chinese bonsai tree is obliged to remind the owner of the transience and perishability of all material things, the beauty of imperfection, the ability to control oneself and subdue reckless impulses. It serves as an excellent aid for meditation - it is easy to focus the mind on the intricate interweaving of branches and roots, clearing the mind of fears, worries and insecurities. In addition, admiring aesthetic plants increases concentration of attention, develops intuition, relieves mental tension, increases susceptibility to insights and bold ideas. Therefore, they are appropriate both at home and at work.

Moreover, these trees are the embodiment of family idyll, joy and prosperity. They strengthen ties between generations, give a sense of community and spiritual unity, prevent causeless discords, conflicts and misunderstandings. With bonsai, you are not threatened by quarrels, calamities, misunderstandings between children and parents; they protect against household troubles, prevent betrayals, revive passion and tenderness after years of marriage. Therefore, they are often given to newlyweds and those who celebrate the anniversary of their joint life, and are also bought for the birthday of a child - as a guarantee of health, well-being, and good luck for the baby and the mother.

бонсай для медитации

However, the qualities described above are also characteristic of man-made plants, carefully made of carved wood, ceramics, precious and semi-precious stones. Such products are in the assortment of our company - and now you will learn about all their features!

What do decorative trees mean?

The interpretation of such small things depends on what material was used to create them. It is known that various minerals affect humans and the environment. And the "king" of colorful gems is rightly considered to be amber - a truly universal stone that suits all signs of the European and Asian Zodiac. Since the Paleolithic era, it has been revered as a particle of the Sun, because the glowing cabochons (rounded polished fragments of hardened resin) played in thousands of shades, from lime green, cream and pale yellow to rich red, cognac, crimson and even black. That is why their creations allegedly scared away evil demons and diseases, protected against evil spirits and damage, attracted success and wealth, promised wealth and fertility.

It is interesting that ancient beliefs have a completely scientific basis. Shimmering gems contain a complex of useful substances, essential oils and acids. Evaporating, they have a positive effect on your immunity, nervous, endocrine and cardiovascular systems, normalize digestion, prevent unnecessary stress, accelerate the healing of injuries, destroy viruses, bacteria and microbes, improve sleep and slow down aging.

In feng shui, an esoteric practice based on the mutual arrangement of objects and natural elements, the amber bonsai is famous as the "tree of happiness." It combines all five elemental beginnings, arranging the flows of energies and compensating for the lack of certain benefits. For example, if you need money, this accessory should be placed in the southeast zone of the room - it will ensure a promotion, a profitable deal, and profitable investments. If you are enthusiastic about building a career, a precious plant has a place in the south of the apartment - it will help in ambitious projects, gaining authority among colleagues and companions, maintaining balance in constantly changing circumstances. In order to learn unfamiliar information faster and improve your skills, place such a creation in the northeast, and in the east it will keep you in good shape, protect you from ailments, apathy and overexcitement.

янтарное дерево

But for the most positive result, it is necessary that the appearance of the bonsai meets the following requirements:

The variety of your plant made of hardened resin is also important. Here is the interpretation of the most popular:

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